What we’re about

The aim of Timber Owls is to provide a home for both critical and creative works about nerd culture: video games, board games, pen & paper RPGs, film, anime, literature and anything else we might be into this week. We are interested in the social and political meanings of the media we enjoy, as well as their personal significance in our lives. That said, we don’t plan to restrict ourselves to serious theoretical articles only; we’re just as happy to host podcasts, Let’s Plays, fiction and various yet-to-be-determined goofs.

We recognize that like in every other sphere of life, certain kinds of voices are overrepresented and certain kinds of narratives overly dominant in games writing and media criticism. We do not presume ourselves to be free of this tendency, but our goal is to always work with an awareness of it, and to push against it to the best of our ability.

In the long run, our goal will be to uplift the voices, perspectives and works that end up left out of the mainstream, by giving them both a platform and, once we actually have a budget, compensation.

We are leftists, and our perspectives are informed by anti-racism, feminism, socialism and the many other movements that seek to liberate all people from the rigged systems we’re stuck in. We abhor fascism and bigotry. We believe in the ability of a global media culture to foster understanding, respect and mutual care, and we consider it indispensable to building a better world.

Also, we’re broke as hell. Please give us a lot of money.