MMA Star/Awful Transphobe Ronda Rousey to Voice Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat 11

As part of the hype buildup for their upcoming fighting game Mortal Kombat 11, NetherRealm Studios has taken a bold step forward in video game representation. Creative director Ed Boon announced at a reveal livestream that classic Mortal Kombat character Sonya Blade will be voiced by Ronda Rousey, known for her role as a groundbreaking UFC fighter, for her pivot to professional wrestling, and for being a transphobic Sandy Hook truther. With the addition of Rousey to the game’s cast, NetherRealm is giving a nice boost to a high profile role model for women fighters, InfoWars readers, and TERFs alike. It’s not often you can point to a video game that prominently casts someone who both questioned the mass murder of children AND used her influence as a pioneering female MMA fighter to severely damage the career of the first openly transgender MMA fighter, but now we can safely say Mortal Kombat 11 fills that niche.